Created in 1998, the company manufactures only leather products. Unlike fabrics, leather is a raw material. No two items are the same in terms of material, cut, stitching, etc.
We hope you will feel the best encounter and warmth in this one garment.
We put our heart and soul into every area of material selection, cutting, sewing and finishing.

With over 40 years of experience in the leather industry, Y'2LEATHER's greatest strength lies in its skilled craftsmen.
We believe in "uncompromising commitment" at every step of the manufacturing process.

We have been in the leather industry for over 40 years. Thanks to our long experience, we deal directly with more than six tanneries, including a tannery specializing in horse leather, a tannery specializing in water-dyed leather and a tannery specializing in deer skin and suede, without going through a wholesaler for all leather. Almost all the leather is created by Y'2LEATHER in cooperation with the tanneries. The tanneries are all tanneries, but the leathers that meet the three criteria of "thickness", "size" and "few scratches" are very few in the world, so it is very difficult to provide the leathers stably. In addition, leather varies considerably depending on the tanning process, humidity and climate, as well as the finishing method and dye color.

Embark on a unique