The Royal Racer is a concept store born in 2011 from an observation made on the insufficiency and scarcity of the offer dedicated to people wishing to acquire beautiful clothes, accessories, and other objects in the world of sports. mechanical rather vintage and authentic. The launch of the 1st concept store in Lyon, offers the distribution of brands that are both confidential, rich in history, but above all of exclusive quality.

After 3 years of travels, of exchanging ideas with enthusiasts of this universe, The Royal Racer Lausanne project comes to life, with the objective of not following a fashion, but above all of establishing a way of life.

More than a shop, The Royal Racer is a meeting place, a "bouclard" of exchanges and a real cultural energizer with exhibitions of artists and craftsmen from the region and cosmopolitans.

At "The Royal Racer", you feel like a member of one of those old English clubs where lovers and collectors of legendary motorcycles meet. By displaying the banner of the "Gentlemen Motors Club", The Royal Racer underlines the authenticity and legitimacy of the outfits, objects and equipment gathered around the theme of motor sports.

This universe is also filled with vintage bikes…Moto Guzzi, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Harley… but also more exotic, older, more technological, more racing motorcycles…depending on the inspirations and the seasons…

The Royal Racer… Exclusivity… a selection of brands presented for the most part exclusively… different products for different customers.


Embark on a unique